Raw Vegan Weight Loss Step By Step

by Eat Raw on April 12, 2010

Eating a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables along with some nuts and seeds is a great way to lose weight without going on a fast or other restrictive eating programs.   I’ve seen the raw vegan diet  help 100s of people, including my own mother, to achieve a healthy weight.    Knowing how to do it well is the key.

Here is my step by step guide to raw vegan weight loss.

Step One: Write down specifically what your weight loss goals are for one month, six months and one year.  It’s important to write them down so you can remember them and evaluate your progress.

Step Two: For 3 days write down all of the food you eat and whether or not it is uncooked or not.  Use this record to determine what percentage of raw foods you eat on a daily basis.  Once you have done this, continue on to step three.

Step Three: Using the percentage you found in step two, add 10% more raw food each week until you achieve 90% raw food in your diet.  For example, if you discover that you normally eat 60% raw food, next week aim for 70%, the following 80% and so on.

This step is important because if you switch to a 90 or 100% raw diet right away you are likely to experience some uncomfortable detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and irritable bowels.

Step Four: Once you’ve reached 90% – 100% fresh raw foods in your diet, continue this for at least one month.  Start measuring your weight loss from the day you begin this diet.

Step Five: Your weight loss will be much easier and enjoyable if you learn how to make some great tasting raw food dishes.  You don’t have to just eat bowls of salads and piles of fresh fruit.   Of course, you can do this if you choose.  But an alternative is to learn to make things like raw chocolate pudding, raw burgers, raw lasagna and raw nut milks.   You can learn this in my eating raw ebook.

You can continue this diet for as long as you like.  It is my normal diet.  Just as a point of reference, though, you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.  If you want to lose more weight, my suggestion is to eat fewer nuts and seeds and to exercise more.

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