…all you need to make beautiful,  health promoting raw vegan dishes like chocolate cake, mini pizzas, lasagna and more

Take a couple minutes to read this letter and discover how to eat raw without sacrificing great taste.

Dear Health Conscious Friend,

Are you ready to have your (raw vegan) cake and eat it too?

Imagine enjoying all the rich, great tasting food you want and actually getting healthier and healthier everyday.   And now picture yourself treating your friends and family to a beautiful, rich gourmet meal that you know will do wonders for their health.

raw pizza recipe

Raw Vegan Pizza

Sound too good to be true?   Well it isn’t…..when you have the right information about eating raw.

My name is Mark Ament and I know a thing or two about eating raw.  For the past 10 years 95% of my food has been based on uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.   Through this simple lifestyle I’ve healed the chronic depression and low energy that plagued me through my 20s and 30s,  the sluggish digestion that weighed me down and my lifelong allergies to dust and weeds.

This experience inspired me so much that for the past 8 years I’ve been teaching courses and writing books and articles on raw vegan nutrition and lifestyle.   I’ve seen so many people transform their lives through simply changing their nutrition that I believe everyone should know about the power of eating raw.

Recent Testimonial
“…when I eliminated animal products from my diet and replaced them with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, the change was immediate! My sinuses began to drain. There was steady lessening of pressure in my head. Headaches ceased. Sleep finally came easily, and I awoke refreshed each morning, instead of feeling drugged. I could now breathe freely and didn’t have to shut myself in an air-conditioned room during springtime or battle illness every winter.” –John T.

Knowing how to prepare fresh, great tasting and ultra healthy raw vegan food is one of the best skills you could ever learn

Let’s face it, people eat what tastes good. That includes pretty much all of us, children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.   Problem is, good tasting food is not always so good for us – think burritos and french fries and fried chicken here.    For health reasons eating raw vegan burritos made with fresh vegetables and raw “french fries” made from jicama is much better.  And as long as they taste good, you’ll want to eat them.

So making great tasting raw food cuisine  is  the real trick to succeeding with the raw food lifestyle.

eating raw

Raw Vegan Pasta

Raw food preparation is an art and requires some different skills than cooking.  These are skills that I’ve perfected over the years for myself and for my students and clients.

I’ve put the best of them into a handy course called:  “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine.”

At last count a little over 3000 people  have benefited from the great information I’ve included in this resource.  My goal is to have anyone – even someone with no kitchen experience – eating raw and enjoying it within 24 hours.

Learn to eat raw and thrive in just a few easy steps

Here’s a summary of what “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cusine” contains:

  • Why raw vegetarian food is so good for you –  the facts
  • How eating raw food literally makes the body younger and more vibrant
  • How to easily include ultra healthy, great tasting raw meals in your daily life
  • What to expect as you change your nutrition
  • The secrets of turning any raw ingredients into a gourmet meal – plus the spices you need to make delicious raw food meals in Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Thai styles
  • How to transfer your knowledge of cooking into raw food preparation
  • The essential equipment for a raw food kitchen
  • What to eat instead of sugar – 6 delicious alternatives
  • Step-by-step instructions to make over 50 raw vegetarian recipes……from breakfast to dinner, including drinks, salads, soups, entrees and desserts

Recent Testimonial
“I have been in the catering industry 20 years, formally trained and believe your system has for the first time in my career, truly shown me what really healthy nutritious food is all about. Many thanks.” -Jenny

Recent Testimonial
“Thank you so much for showing me the simplicity of being able to provide nutritious, healthy options for my family, especially my 2 1⁄2 yr old.” -Jodi T.

To make sure that you get the most from eating raw and that you really understand the principles and the lifestyle I’ve also included the following in the course:

  • Helpful articles on superfoods and cleansing
  • A listing of high antioxidant foods and why their important
  • A complete acid/alkaline food reference chart plus an description of how to balance your pH with food
  • A chart of the glycemic index of common foods, indicating the highest and lowest sugar content foods and how much of them to eat
  • A complete resource list of where to purchase specialty raw food products…and more.
eat raw chocolate

Raw Vegan Chocolates

The information in “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine”  will save you time and effort and help you achieve your health goals faster than you thought possible.   And that’s a really good thing.

I want to  make sure you do just that, so when you purchase any program from me,  you  receive full email support from me personally.  Any time you have a question, just let me know and I’ll respond in about 24 hours.

I am 100% committed to your success in achieving your health goals. So  as an added limited time bonus…

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eating raw

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This ebook reveals 3 simple holistic remedies that people have used for hundreds of years to increase their longevity, heal their bodies and improve their health. More than just “quick fix” natural remedies, these are practices that anyone interested in vibrant living should know about and use every day.


eat raw

Bonus 2 : Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health ($14.97 Value)

The Secret Knowledge Of Superfood Plants and Herbs Unveiled

Most people have no idea that some raw herbs and foods produce truly amazing health effects. This bonus is a  transcript of a 50 minute radio interview of me sharing top raw superfoods you can put into your diet today to boost your health immediately.


raw vegan

Bonus 3 –  The World’s Ultimate Exercise for Cellular Cleansing. ($12.95 Value)

Here is  a form of exercise so efficient for building muscles, cleansing the blood and lymph and creating mega-strong bones that NASA makes it a crucial part of it’s astronaut training program. Discover how you can benefit from this low impact and incredibly fun way to exercise. I’ve been doing it for years and somehow never get bored with it.


Are you ready to eat raw and regain your vitality without sacrificing taste?

Just imagine how you will feel when you’re healthier than you’ve ever been, and have all the energy you need to go out and live the lifestyle you deserve.  It’s a lot easier than you think when you follow my eating -raw program.

Try the raw food lifestyle and see for yourself how you can change your life for the better simply and easily.

There’s no risk to you.  If you aren’t overjoyed with your purchase, I will insist that you take advantage of my no-hassle 100% refund policy.

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Here’s To Your Health!

Mark Ament

P.S. Remember –  all great journeys start with a single step.   Why not make that first step to vibrant health today with “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine”?  It’s a small investment in your health and  I guarantee it will pay off.

P.P.S. Two more great reasons to give eating raw a shot…

Recent Testimonial
Going raw made me feel like I was a phoenix rising from the ashes as a beautiful new me! I know how I used to believe that I just was never going to look good and that I ought to “accept” myself the way I was – I never dreamed I could accomplish such amazing physical changes as I did when I went raw. -Victoria

Recent Testimonial
“Hi, my wife and I have what we consider radical changes. I have lost 33 pounds and she has lost 22 pounds in 5 months and we are only a few pounds from our ideal weight now. We are now 100 percent raw and that is what did it.” –Bob Dietzl