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From the desk of: Mark Ament, May 2010
Raw Food Chef and Educator

A Vitally Important Letter On The Powerful Benefits of Eating  Raw Food

Dear friend,

There’s no gentle way to say it, so I’m going to come right out with it – we’re in a major health epidemic here.  As of 2009, a staggering 64% of people are overweight and 30% are obese.  With kids, it’s 35% and 15%, respectively.   And the results are truly catastrophic.  We’re sicker and more vulnerable than we’ve ever been. Heart disease claims 634,626 lives annually in the US and is on a fast rise.  Cancer takes 559,888 and diabetes 72,409.. (Source: National Center for Health Statistics).   All signs are pointing to this trend just getting worse and worse.

Watching the world news, you could argue that this situation is “normal.”  But there’s now way to see this health crisis  as “natural.” Just look around nature.  How many overweight animals do you see?   How many wild animals do you think die from cancer, heart disease or diabetes?  Next to zero.    And have you ever heard of a hummingbird with chronic fatigue or a deer with arthritis?    So, what’s their secret?  What keeps animals in the wild  generally so healthy? It’s simple – animals never discovered fire – they eat their food raw and fresh.

You might be asking: is that really all there is to it?

One researcher provides some pretty strong evidence.   Francis M. Pottenger, M.D. studied cats over a 10 year period to determine how food affects the body.  One group of cats ate raw whole foods.  The other ate the exact same food, except cooked.  The results were startling.  After only four generations, Pottenger found that while the raw food cats maintained good health, the cooked food cats were susceptible to skin lesions and allergies, lethargy, bad temper and shortened life spans. Dr. Pottenger would have continued the experiment, but after the 4th generation, the cooked food cats became sterile and diet out.

But, we’re a lot different than cats, right?  The same couldn’t be true of us, could it?

That’s a harder question to answer in terms of research studies.  None have been done yet.  But the evidence from people who have lived a raw food lifestyle is pretty overwhelming.   Consider Dr. Norman Walker – he was the man who invented juicing back in the 1930s.  He wrote over 20 books, lived 119 years and lectured into his 90s.  Or how about the original health crusader Paul C. Bragg?  He created the concept of the health food store and inspired thousands through his health rallies.  Paul died in his late nineties due to complications from a surfing accident.  Yes!  That’s right he was surfing in his 90s!  You’ve probably heard of Paul’s most famous student named Jack LaLanne. Jack turned his life around with raw foods and exercise and never looked back.   This is a man who at 61 swam the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater, handcuffed, and shackled while towing a 1,000-pound boat! Even today at the age of 95, LaLanne continues to work out every morning for two hours.

These are inspiring stories, no doubt, but it’s not just the health radicals who’ve woken up to raw foods.  Ever wonder how Demi Moore can keep up with a husband nearly half her age?  That’s right.  She’s been a raw foodist for years.   And how about supermodel Carolyn Alt? Why does she still look so fresh? Raw food again.   6 months after going on a raw food diet she commented that she felt like a 19 year old.  She was really 34.   Then there’s fashion designer Donna Karan who recently dropped 20 pounds while eating raw. Other celebrities who have embraced raw foods to one degree or another are Woody Harrelson, Pierce Brosnan, Edward Norton, Margaret Cho, Daryl Hannah, Cher and Madonna.

Well, eating raw may work for the rich and famous, but what about everyday folks like you and me?

Well let me share this with you.  I’ve been helping people eat more raw foods for the past 10 years and I’ve gotten hundreds of letters from really grateful and excited people.    I’ll put three recent ones here so you can get a sense of what they’re saying.

“Hi Mark,  my wife and I have what we consider radical changes. I have lost 33 pounds and she has lost 22 pounds in 5 months and we are only a few pounds from our ideal weight now. We are now 100 percent raw and that is what did it.” –Bob Dietzl

“Going raw made me feel like I was a phoenix rising from the ashes as a beautiful new me! I know how I used to believe that I just was never going to look good and that I ought to “accept” myself the way I was – I never dreamed I could accomplish such amazing physical changes as I did when I went raw.–Victoria

“…when I eliminated animal products from my diet and replaced them with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, the change was immediate! My sinuses began to drain. There was steady lessening of pressure in my head. Headaches ceased. Sleep finally came easily, and I awoke refreshed each morning, instead of feeling drugged. I could now breathe freely and didn’t have to shut myself in an air-conditioned room during springtime or battle illness every winter. Thank you!” –John T.

O.K.  I think you get the point.  Eating raw food makes a difference – a BIG difference  – in health.

People who base their diets on raw simply live longer, feel better, look younger, heal faster and are capable of amazing feats.

But if this is so great, why the heck aren’t doctors telling us about it?  Well, in fact they are.   Dr. Gabriel Cousens has been writing about raw food nutrition and teaching it for 30 years.  He now runs a retreat center that has a 100% success rate in reversing diabetes.  Yes.  You read that right.  100% of diabetics who complete his 30 program on raw vegetarian foods eliminate their condition! Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the most respected doctors anywhere, has been writing, talking and sharing the raw food way for over 20 years.  He recommends that everyone eat at least 85% raw and also has an incredible track record in treating people successfully.  Other lesser known doctors who support eating raw are David Jubb, M.D., D Gary Young, N.D., Christopher Jayne, N.D. and the list goes on.

If you’re doctor doesn’t know about the benefits of eating raw, it’s probably simply because he never got any training in it.   In the U.S. medical students receive less than 10 hours of education on nutrition.  That’s next to nothing.   Ask your doctor to do some minimal research it won’t be long before he uncovers some of the major reasons that raw food works so well to boost health.

  1. Dietary Fiber: Raw foods, especially leafy greens contain high levels of dietary fiber which is absolutely critical for digestion and elimination.  The recommended daily allowance of dietary fiber is 27 grams, which is easy to achieve on a raw food diet. Fiber is only found in plant foods and is only valuable as a cleanser when it is raw.  Cooked fiber becomes soft and passive and loses its magnetic cleansing properties.
  2. Enzymes: Raw food that has not been heated above 43C or 118F for any significant length of time is still full of life giving enzymes. Food enzymes help to break food down in the digestive tract fully and quickly, thus leaving the digestive system to function more smoothly and rapidly.   Enzyme therapy is sometimes used to help people start a cleanse and regain their health.
  3. Water: Water is nature’s universal solvent, capable of breaking down anything in its path.  Raw foods contain high levels of water – up to 85% for some fruits. This helps digestion and prevents dehydration, which allows for smooth and regular elimination.  Dehydration is considered to be a major cause of chronic constipation.   With a diet high in raw foods this is not an issue.
  4. Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll from leafy greens is a fantastic deodorizer and detoxifier.  Fresh green juice made from grasses and leaves is particularly powerful as a cleansing tool.
  5. Minerals: Raw vegan foods contain 25 to 200 percent more minerals than animal foods. Minerals promote good health and are associated with a lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood presser, obesity and cancer.

If that doesn’t convince your doctor that eating raw makes good health sense, ask him to dig deeper.  A simple search on the PubMed database, pulls up 16,784 recent articles on raw food.   It won’t take long to run across powerful studies like these:

According to a study published in the May 1998 issue of the journal Epidemiology, researchers have found that a diet rich in raw vegetables lowers your risk of breast cancer, and eating lots of fruit reduces your risk for colon  cancer.

And according to a study published in the September 1996 issue of the British Medical Journal including fresh fruit as part of your daily diet has been associated with fewer deaths from heart attacks and related problems, by as much as 24%.

Are you starting to see why you really, really need to eat more raw food to protect your health and maximize your potential?

I hope so.  Listen, though, it doesn’t have to be about becoming a “raw foodist” or calling yourself a “raw vegan.”  Labels like that are pretty much useless.   What it does have to be about, though, is you using your diet to take better care of yourself so that you liver better, happier and longer.

Give it a think…

Imagine how you’ll react when you meet an old friend 30 days from now who takes one look at you and says, “Wow, you look 10 years younger!  What have you been doing?”   It happens all the time with raw food.

Imagine the sense of pride you’ll get when you’ve finally lost all those extra pounds and look really, really good in a swim suit.  You can’t buy a feeling like that. But you can create it with raw food.  Weight simply melts away  when you eat raw.   My own mother lost 60 lbs in just over 9 months.

Imagine having more than enough energy to play with your kids, go out with friends and do all the fun things you like to do.  Imagine beating the aging clock. Because you can.    Eating raw food literally reduces your biological age – just ask Demi Moore or Carolyn Alt.

I know that’s all pretty exciting and promising stuff.  But, I guess  you’re wondering if it can really work for you too?

Well let me tell you this.   I’ve been living the raw food lifestyle for 10 years and teaching it for 8.  By now several thousand people have come to my seminars and classes as well as read my books.  In that time, do you know how many people I’ve seen fail at improving their life and health with raw foods?  Exactly zero.

I guarantee you this.  If you commit to eating a diet of at least 80% raw vegetarian foods for 6 weeks, you will feel better, more energized and happier than you have in years. It’s simple, and I know it works – every time.  I saw it for myself back in 2000 and I’ve seen it again and again and again. You may also experience specific benefits like:

  • Younger looking more radiant skin
  • Bright shiny eyes
  • Weight loss
  • Laser sharp thinking
  • Massive amounts of energy
  • Near superhuman focus
  • Optimism for the future

I do have to warn you about something, though, if you do decide to follow a mostly raw food diet, you’ll be in for another surprise.   Your tolerance for doing stuff you don’t like to do is going to go way down. That means if you have a job you hate, you’re going to want to get out of there.  Or if you’re living in a place you don’t like, you will be looking at moving on soon.

Eating lots of raw food simply pushes the healthy, happy you to the surface – you know the one who wants to travel, to play, to meet with friends, to help others and to overall have a really good time.    It’s like being a kid again.  Oh yeah, by the way, kids love raw foods too.  Eating raw they feel better, more confident and energized too.

With all this information, I guess by now you’re seriously thinking about giving a raw food lifestyle a try.

But, if you’re like I was when I first started you really want to make sure that you’re NOT going to have to starve yourself or eat a bunch of “rabbit food,” like carrot sticks and salads.

Oh boy, do I have some good news for you.   You know what the first ever raw food dish I ate was?  Raw Vegan Lasagna – yes indeed!  And it was the best lasagna I’d ever had.  Over the years I’ve improved the recipe so much that it’s the only lasagna that my meat loving father ever eats.  That’s pretty cool.  Other awesome raw food dishes include raw pasta made from zucchini, raw pizzas, raw chocolate bars, raw apple pie and my all time favorite, raw vegan chili.  Just writing about it leaves my mouth watering.

And if you think it’s too complicated to make stuff like that, think again.  You know how long it takes to make a raw food chocolate mousse? About 10 minutes.  That’s way faster than making a cooked one – and it’s dairy free, sugar free, wheat free and incredible.  It’s so incredible in fact that the last time I taught the recipe to chefs at a 4 star restaurant they replaced their regular mousse with my raw one. Have a look at the recipe right here and see how easy it is for yourself.

Mark’s  Raw Chocolate Mousse

Tools: Blender


1 ripe avocado
¾ C cacao powder
1 C coconut meat
2 vanilla bean
¾ C dates
½ – 1 C coconut water
3 Tbl coconut oil
¼ tsp salt

Preparation: Put all ingredients except coconut oil in blender and blend until smooth and creamy, adding only enough coconut water to help blend. Add coconut oil last and blend until mixed well. Put in chiller for a few hours until cool and firm.  Makes about 3 cups

So there it is.  Now you know something that the big time drug companies wish you didn’t – you can protect you and your family’s health and still have great tasting, beautiful food to eat.

It’s not about being “vegan,” or “vegetarian.”  And it’s not about being a 100% raw food radical.   It’s simply about eating more  of your food fresh and uncooked. It’s an easy decision that makes good sense and is now more important than ever.

And now can get started in 5 minutes.

I’ve made sure of that.    I’ve poured my 10 years of experience as a raw food chef and educator into a course that  takes you step by step from zero to as raw as you want to be.  It’s “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine” and here’s what it includes:

raw vegan eating raw

  • Why raw vegetarian food is so good for you –  the facts
  • How eating raw food literally makes the body younger and more vibrant
  • How to easily include ultra healthy, great tasting raw meals in your daily life
  • What to watch out for as you change your nutrition
  • The secrets of turning any raw ingredients into a gourmet meal – plus the spices you need to make delicious raw food meals in Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Thai styles
  • How to transfer your knowledge of cooking into raw food preparation
  • The essential equipment for a raw food kitchen
  • What to eat instead of sugar – 6 delicious alternatives
  • Step-by-step instructions to make over 50 raw vegetarian recipes……from breakfast to dinner, including drinks, salads, soups, entrees and desserts

I’ve also included:

  • A listing of high antioxidant foods and why they are vitally important
  • Helpful articles on superfoods and cleansing
  • A chart of the glycemic index of common foods, indicating the highest and lowest sugar content foods and how much of them to eat
  • A complete resource list of where to purchase specialty raw food products…and a few more surprises.

Wait. Before you even think about purchasing my course, I want you to know that I’m crazy committed to your success with all this and will answer any questions you have about raw food or the raw food lifestyle.   You can count on me for support. I love what I do and love to help.

Plus,  to give you an idea of how much I really do care, I’m also giving you 3 bonus ebooks that I normally sell on another website.  Using them together with “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine,’ you have a complete blueprint for creating  massive amounts of health and happiness in your life.


eating rawBonus 1 –   Nature’s 3 Most Powerful Remedies ($12.95 Value)

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eat rawBonus 2 : Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health ($14.97 Value)

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raw veganBonus 3 –  The World’s Ultimate Exercise for Cellular Cleansing. ($12.95 Value)

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Now that’s a lot of value sitting right  here. Think about it this way.  If you came to one of my raw food courses you’d pay $120 for a three hour course, but I wouldn’t be able to cover even ¼ of the information I’ve put in these books.   And you’d have to come to Bali to do it, because that’s where I’m teaching these days.  (Not the end of the world to come to a tropical paradise, but  not that cheap either).

So at just $9.95,  you can see that “A Complete Introduction to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine” plus those bonuses is a truly a one of a kind “raw”kin’ deal.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that).

Seriously, though, just click here to get your copy

Eat raw and thrive!!

Mark Ament

P.S.  I may not be swimming like Jack LaLanne yet, but here’s something I  could never have done while on primarily cooked foods.   Not bad for a 40 something.  Try eating raw yourself and see what you’re capable of!

eating raw